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Paul Van Metre Stops by the MFGMonkey Podcast

We recently sat down with Paul Van Metre to talk shop – ProShop, that is. Many small and medium sized manufacturing companies struggle to embrace technology that will help them scale their business, quote more effectively, or manage their shop. As a manufacturer himself, Paul, along with the ProShop team, developed software systems and products to help manufacturing shops that struggle with these integrations. 

ERP & QMS Solutions for Small Business Owners

Even when owners or operators are ready to consider ERP or QMS software programs, or other tools, finding the right one for their business can be equally daunting. Paul and his partners have been there and done that, and when he and his team could not find the right fit for their fabrication business, they decided to build their own. Thus, ProShop came to fruition.

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Get in on the Conversation

Paul overcame the problems that many fabrication and metalworking shops struggle with, and now, he is helping other manufacturers do the same. Join us for our chat with Paul to learn how he and his partners turned his team’s experience into a tool that is making a big difference for manufacturers around the country. Just click the button below!

Employee Spotlight: Systems Engineer Connor Blair

Systems Engineer, rocketry nut, and amateur chef

Working with great people is a cornerstone of MCMILLANCO’s business model, and it is essential to everything we do.  That commitment starts in-house with incredible team members like Connor Blair. 

Connor is MCMILLANCO’s Systems Engineer and he plays several key roles for us.  As our engineer extraordinaire, he develops and deciphers drawings, applies manufacturing principles, and oversees engineering processes for every project.

Engineering process pro

By breaking projects down into steps, developing standard operating procedures, and overseeing QA and QC practices, he ensures that projects flow through our facility seamlessly.  These roles are critical to successfully bridge the gap between OEM needs and manufacturing capabilities. 

Connor brings a lot to the MCMILLANCO team.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering and served as the VP and Co-founder of the University of Toledo Rocketry Club.  Science and engineering are clearly passions of his, evidenced by his secret job-for-a-day wish (astronaut) and his appreciation for Ford GTs and Husqvarna Nuda 900R motorcycles. 

“I love the ever-changing environment. It keeps you on your toes, but also means I’m always learning something new. On top of that I enjoy all of my coworkers, we all get along great and work well as a team.”

His enthusiasm for technology is evident in his excitement over his current implementation of a barcode inventory tracking system and can be seen each time we install new machines at our shop.  That enthusiasm brings energy and fun to our team and to our client projects.  When he’s not geeking out over cool machines he enjoys cooking international foods and baking. 

We believe that great business starts with great people, and Connor helps to make that belief a reality.  We can’t wait to introduce you to him in person!

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Flat Bed Die Cutter now available

Preco 1220 machine cuts lightweight sheet material for a wide variety of applications.

Options and Features

Our Preco 1220 machine features a full set of options, including:

MCMILLANCO, LLC’s new Preco 1220 machine is a versatile machine for die-cutting and laminating roll and sheet material.  This new in-house machine precisely laminates electronics and medical parts, mass-produced graphical promotions, and more.  It is highly configurable and is used for cutting and laminating soft metals and foils, plastic and polymer films, paper, cloth, foam and other materials up to 1-inch thick. 

  • 5 spindle laminator
  • Quick change die
  • Punch out station
  • Stacking shuttle to stack product automatically
  • Guillotine cutter
  • Fiber Optic “X – Y” Registration
  • In-line parts conveyor
  • Maximum working pressure of 40 tons 


Additionally, this machine is configurable for creates types of lamination systems, based on:

  • Registration tolerance requirements,
  • In-line versus freestanding construction needs, and
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive requirements.

This machine allows us to fulfill a broad selection of customer needs with a decreased turnaround time.  This equipment provides a valuable addition to the wide range of capabilities offered by MCMILLANCO and its partner network for the benefit of its clients throughout the USA.

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Holiday wishes from MCMILLANCO at it’s new facility

Ushering in a New Year with a new office

We want to wish our clients, partners, and colleagues all the best this holiday season has to offer! We recently moved into a new space in Columbus and are very excited about the new opportunities that this space will allow us to provide for our customers in the New Year.       

Now located at 2725 Westbelt Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43228, MCMILLANCO is well positioned to take advantage of all that central Ohio has to offer.

The Columbus region is a global logistics hub that supports some the world’s largest brands and top logistics service providers, making it a critical link in industrial and consumer supply chains. MCMILLANCO, LLC can tap into this shipping hub, providing best-in-class service for clients and customers worldwide.

Located within midwest shipping hub

The facility at 2725 Westbelt Drive is includes 20,000+ square feet of warehousing, distribution and manufacturing space plus office space. Conveniently located within a mile of the 270 loop and just minutes from I-70, MCMILLANCO, LLC continues to grow with fast customer service and on-time deliveries as top priorities.

It’s with our customers and colleagues in mind that we extend the warmest of holiday wishes.  Please note that our offices will be closed on December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st for the holiday. 

Contact us any time for a tour or to find out how we can help your business with contract manufacturing, custom components, or metal fabrication.

2725 Westbelt Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43228

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