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Flat Bed Die Cutter Now Available

Flat Bed Die Cutter Now Available

Preco 1220 Machine Cuts Lightweight Sheet Material For A Wide Variety Of Applications.

Options And Features

Our Preco 1220 machine features a full set of options, including:

MCMILLANCO, LLC’s new Preco 1220 machine is a versatile machine for die-cutting and laminating roll and sheet material. This new in-house machine precisely laminates electronics and medical parts, mass-produced graphical promotions, and more. It is highly configurable and is used for cutting and laminating soft metals and foils, plastic and polymer films, paper, cloth, foam and other materials up to 1-inch thick.

  • 5 spindle laminator
  • Quick change die
  • Punch out station
  • Stacking shuttle to stack product automatically
  • Guillotine cutter
  • Fiber Optic “X – Y” Registration
  • In-line parts conveyor
  • Maximum working pressure of 40 tons 


Additionally, this machine is configurable for creates types of lamination systems, based on:

  • Registration tolerance requirements,
  • In-line versus freestanding construction needs, and
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive requirements.

This machine allows us to fulfill a broad selection of customer needs with a decreased turnaround time. This equipment provides a valuable addition to the wide range of capabilities offered by MCMILLANCO and its partner network for the benefit of its clients throughout the USA.

Contact us for die-cutting or lamination project quotes, or to find out how we can help your business with contract manufacturing, custom components, or metal fabrication.

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