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Agricultural Industry Solutions From MCMILLANCO

Agricultural Industry Solutions From MCMILLANCO

MCMILLANCO has a range of solutions for the agricultural equipment market. We can provide you with integrated services including product concept, design, and engineering, custom converting capabilities, manufacturing and logistics, and warehouse management.

Our services support manufacturers for many agricultural, consumer lawn and garden, construction, and heavy equipment applications. Examples include machinery for planting and harvesting crops like corn, soybeans, wheat, and even the fast-growing cannabis industry, as well as earth-moving and paving equipment.


Converting is a fully automated manufacturing process in which thin sheets of material are die cut or kiss cut to make predetermined shapes. Material is fed through a special machine from sheets or rolls as a die or other cutting tool stamps or cuts the shapes. Pieces are separated from the scrap material and then collected in a bin or re-rolled for end use, depending on the application.

Our equipment can work with a range of material widths and thicknesses in single, multiple or laminated layers based on your requirements. Custom materials can then be die or kiss cut into desired shapes. Typical materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Plastics, silicone, and polymer films 
  • Silicone, PVC, and other foams
  • Rubber-based materials
  • Plain and adhesive-backed materials
  • Custom multi-layer laminated or bonded materials


Converting is versatile and efficient. Many types of components can be cut from large sheets or rolls of material in bulk quickly. As an automated process, converting is highly repeatable for a consistent finished product. What’s more, parts are designed and laid out on the material sheets/rolls carefully to minimize waste and scrap. Some sample applications include:

  • UV, temperature, chemical, or moisture resistant seals
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Protective overlays or membranes for control panels and switches
  • EMI/RFI shielding materials
  • Indestructible labels 
  • Anti-vibration or anti-noise pads
  • Liquid ingress protection components
  • Protective polymer films for labels
  • Product packaging materials and information cards

Warehousing and distribution

Our warehousing and distribution services make it easy to streamline your operations and focus on other aspects of your business. MCMILLANCO can help you reclaim staff time and physical space by handling your assembly, packaging, and product preparation needs.

Assembly. Our team will assemble your components into a finished product or subassembly. Additional contract packaging and converting services are also available to help prepare your products for warehousing and distribution.

Kitting. We can pack components that are used or sold together such as part replacement kits and instruction cards, gaskets and installation prep materials, or even pre-counted/pre-measured sets of fasteners, tools, or other components.

Blending. We provide blending services for bulk dry materials such as seeds, fertilizer, soil amendments, pest repellents, and nutraceuticals. Repackaging and relabeling bulk dry materials into smaller packages is also available.

Copacking and fulfillment. We will pack your finished products or completed kits into final packaging, label them, and prepare them for shipping.

Vendor managed inventory (VMI). Using your inventory and distribution data we’ll create a plan for ordering and stocking supplies and parts. We can also review your historical data and business goals to make projections for upcoming inventory needs.

Manufacturing solutions

MCMILLANCO maintains a carefully vetted global network of manufacturing partners that can help bridge gaps in your manufacturing capabilities. As your contract manufacturer, we will connect you to the processes and finishing operations you can’t do in-house.

Or, we’ll extend your in-house capabilities for manufacturing when you need to scale production up rapidly or create small batches on a tight deadline.

Our designers and engineers bring their design for manufacturing (DFM) experience to your project for processes including:

  • O-ring and gasket manufacturing
  • Powder and e-coating
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • CNC turning/lathe fabrication
  • Welding and assembly
  • Progressive and fourslide stamping
  • CNC laser cutting


With MCMILLANCO as your contract manufacturer, you can trust that parts and components will meet your specifications and quality requirements. Some examples include large structural panels for farming and mowing equipment, housings and enclosures for onboard electronics, agricultural vehicle mechanical components, blades and spikes for soil and vegetation cutting, and more, and more:

  • Precision baffles
  • O-rings and gaskets for vibration and noise control
  • Welded sheet metal hopper boxes
  • Device housings
  • EMI/RFI shields for electronics
  • Custom electrical enclosures and cases
  • Box build assemblies
  • Bolts and fasteners

MCMILLANCO is located in West Liberty, Ohio. We strive to find creative solutions for agricultural, lawn, and garden equipment manufacturers and suppliers through custom converting, manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse management services. Our expert designers and engineers, cutting edge equipment and facilities, and worldwide network of manufacturers are ready to help, so please contact us today.