Ultimate Design Guide For Kiss Cutting

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Kiss cutting is a popular print-finishing technique used by manufacturers to produce any non-woven material that will be peeled off of any backing base like paper, foam, adhesive-backed foils, rubber, cork ,vinyl or any other non-woven media. The cut in kiss cutting technique does not go all the way through the backing material, as it only cuts through the layer that will be peeled off. There are specific instructions that need to be followed during the design-making process for the computer-guided cutter to perform the cut.

This article will help you have a basic understanding of the design guidelines for kiss cutting.

A Step-by-Step Guide On Designing For Kiss Cutting

Creating a design for kiss cutting could be tricky at first. Kiss-cut design entails two layers: the graphic design and the kiss-cut layer. Manufacturers typically adhere to the following steps that adhere to standard formatting in kiss cut design.

Prepare The Artwork

Once the graphic design is ready, it should be resized in design software like Adobe Illustrator and labeled as either “Design” or “Artwork.” Remember that the artwork should be precisely the size of the actual workpiece to be printed. Wrong size dimensions can distort the artwork perspective. To ensure graphic quality, keep the resolution of the design to 300 DPI or more and change the color mode to CMYK.

Moreover, the artwork size should be at most 11×15 inches, and the text size should be at least 6 pt. to ensure the text readability when printed.

Create A Kiss Cut Layer

Once the artwork or graphics is set, the next step is to create a kiss cut layer. This layer determines the shape of the design when peeled off of the backing material. To do this, duplicate the artwork layer, rename the replica as “Kiss Cut,” and place it under the artwork layer.

To convert the kiss cut layer to a solid shape, click Window > Pathfinder > Unite tabs in Illustrator. Then, select the solid shape, set the fill color to none, and the stroke color to 100% magenta.

Offset The Kiss Cut Line

The next step is to establish a space between the artwork and the trim line for kiss cutting. There should be a space of at least 0.125” inches between the sticker and the kiss cut line, and the line stroke should be as thin as 1 pt. Note that the line will not be visible on the finished design, as it will merely serve as a guide for the laser cutting part.

Use the Offset Path feature to identify the proper distance and ensure precise proportions. We recommend selecting “Round” joint to create a shape with rounded edges. Work on your kiss cut layer and go to Object > Path > Offset Path to set up your kiss cut line.

Hit Save With The Right File Format

A vector-based design software like Adobe Illustrator supports vector images that the laser cutting machine can read to perform the cut. It is recommended to save your kiss cut outline or the cutting guide file in PDF to support the format required for laser cutting.

For the design file or actual artwork, a PNG image format is recommended for a cleaner and quality finish. Other image formats like JPEG can also be acceptable.

Once the artwork and kiss cut files are set up and saved in the required formats, the next step is submitting them to a printing bureau to perform the kiss cut process.

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Benefits of Working With a Kiss Cutting Manufacturer

Kiss cutting helps businesses enhance the handling of their manufactured components, resulting in a more accurate and exact product and increasing convenience and efficiency. This dynamic process for producing parts can be used in many materials and thicknesses, so cooperating with a kiss cutting manufacturer offers significant benefits to businesses in various industries.

Here are the advantages of finding a kiss cutting manufacturing partner for your products:

1. Increases Productivity

Your assembly process can be made quicker and more effective using kiss cutting. Specifically, selecting the best kiss cutting manufacturer can reduce the risks of costly mistakes and enhance your business operations.

Kiss cut components eliminate the need for manufacturers to spend unnecessary time sorting through a bag or a box, separating parts held together by static or adhesives, and removing the liner. Thus, it may lower your overall labor and production costs.

2. Reduces Waste

A well-established company must maintain a tidy workplace; thus, it makes sense to collaborate with a kiss cutting manufacturer to do the necessary work cutting materials for the company. Businesses can drastically reduce material waste by using appropriate kiss cutting procedures, enabling manufacturers to repurpose leftover materials.

3. Delivers Faster Assembly

Kiss cut pieces can significantly increase productivity and speed up assembly if you build a product at or near your location. In addition, if you need to complete your project by a certain date, the manufacturers can assist you in completing your project on time. Even for big projects, MCMILLANCO’S kiss cutting provides high tolerances, outstanding precision, and quick turnaround times depending on the material and the technology used.

4. Upgrades Printed Materials

Kiss cut labels have their paper backing preserved and are merely sliced through the vinyl. Thus, you may print on the vinyl surrounding a kiss cut label to give your design more flair. Additionally, since the backing helps preserve it during travel, kiss cut labels are perfect for delicate designs.

Moreover, kiss cuts in labels, or logos give the products a neat appearance and a professional appeal. Kiss cut manufacturers enable businesses to design their labels in a way that gives them an elegant appearance that is simple to read and then have it cut to achieve their desired outcome.

MCMILLANCO: Your Expert Kiss Cutting Partner

MCMILLANCO’s kiss cutting can help you get a competitive advantage in your business! Our kiss cutting is incredibly precise, and we will collaborate with you at every step. We can also fulfill your orders quickly and with high-quality manufacturing.

We ensure accurate production and faster delivery with our new multifunctional in-house machine for kiss cutting and laminating electronics and medical devices! So whether you are searching for a dependable lamination system, deciding between in-line and freestanding construction, or considering hot or pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions, our kiss cutting services will work for your applications!

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What Is the Difference Between Kiss Cutting and Die Cutting?

Kiss-cut and die-cut products are popular promotional materials for business gatherings and product launches. While they have similarities in procedure and finished output, each cut has distinct features, benefits, and particular purposes.

This article will cover the similarities and differences between kiss cutting and die cutting and find out what is suitable for your next project.

Defining Kiss Cutting vs. Die Cutting

In kiss cutting, the tool pierces the upper layers but leaves the back layer intact. It is a common manufacturing process used to create labels, felt pads, hanging hooks, and more. The word “kiss” refers to how the blade makes contact with the upper layers of the material and applies enough force to leave a pattern or cut but not too much to penetrate through the back. This produces a final cut product on a removable layer of paper or foil.

Die cutting is a fabrication technique that uses specialized equipment and machine tools to cut, mold, and shear stock material into unique forms and patterns. The die-cutting method is flexible and adaptable to various materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and composites. This technique can also be incorporated in various sectors for die-cutting neoprene, die-cutting paper, packing, filter material and generating die-cut foam.

Kiss Cutting vs. Die Cutting: Which Should You Use?

Here is a list of the advantages and ideal applications for die-cut and kiss-cut products for you to know which one to pick:

Die Cutting

Below is a list of advantages and applications of die-cutting for your next project:

  • This method cuts output costs by lessening the need to trim the products.
  • This technique allows you to see how your product will appear on the surface on which it is being applied.
  • This process is ideal for producing eye-catching labels for computers, phones, bikes, or water bottles.

Kiss Cutting

The following are the advantages and applications of kiss-cutting for your next project:

  • This method creates a product with an additional backing paper around the edge of your label.
  • This technique is easily customizable to add your company name, website, or contact information.
  • This process is ideal for delicate artwork since the extra backing paper preserves the label until it’s applied.
  • This method facilitates convenience with easy label

MCMILLANCO: High-Quality Kiss Cutting and Die Cutting Services

When choosing between kiss cutting and die cutting, it comes down to personal preference and what works best for your application. Both techniques are excellent ways to add a personal touch to any printed product.

If you haven’t explored the advantages of die or kiss-cut labels , business cards, or other products representing your business, now is the time to do so. At MCMILLANCO, we can assist you in determining which kiss cut or die cut products best suit your needs and craft that item for you!

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