Paint & Powder Coating Machines

At MCMILLANCO, we specialize in Painting & Powder Coating Machines for both domestic and global manufacturing companies. We offer clients the quality that comes with the latest programmable automated powder coating technology and hundreds of different colors of paint. Our paint and powder coating capabilities include:

  • Challenging powders such as textures and veins
  • High and low volume jobs
  • Large parts
  • Masking
  • Runs
  • Specialty powders
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The Powder Coating Process

Our equipment includes an 800-foot-long overhead conveyor, a seven-stage washer with reverse osmosis rinse, a 52-foot dry-off oven, a 14-gun automatic quick color-change spray booth and a high-capacity, 100-foot two-pass cure oven. We also have access to a large batch oven with a spray wand pre-treatment that can work with a variety of powder coating product. As a result, our system can process steel, aluminum, and grey or ductile iron substrates, as well as aluminum extrusions and castings, to pass 1,000 hours of salt spray.

The Advantages of Our Paint & Powder Coating Equipment:

16′ x 16′ x 30′ Paint Booth






Additional Capabilities

Cerakote® Finishing

Cerakote® is a high-volume coating for firearms and large-scale commercial products. We have access to cutting-edge processing equipment, including robotic coating cells, large manual coating booths for hand-spraying, decorative stenciling, automatic rotary table-blasting machines and more.

Ceramic High-Temperature Resistant Coatings

Our high-temperature resistant and anti-stick coatings allow us to provide top-quality coating services for the food equipment, industrial and automotive markets.


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