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Domestic & International Mining Equipment Component Manufacturers

MCMILLANCO is a custom mining equipment and component manufacturer, specializing in large machining, turning, heavy fabrication, welding, blasting, electric cabling, lubrication and more. We create components for all types of equipment ranging from water lines, to generators, to sensor lines, to waste discharge and everything in between. We also offer fast lead times on from-scratch bucket manufacturing and excavator bucket repairs.

Does your job require a custom component that you can’t seem to find anywhere else?

Mining Solutions: Durability & Dependability When You Need It Most

In recent years, the mineral mining industry has experienced a resurgence. And with that revival comes a need for innovation and efficiency. That’s where we come in. MCMILLANCO thrives because of its ability to create high quality mining equipment and solutions that control/mitigate problems due to vibration, among other tough process complications. You deliver the details and we deliver a component capable of handling the job for the long-term.

From Our Backyard & Beyond

MCMILLANCO is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, but we provide our mining equipment manufacturing services to clients across the country. If you have a need for a component that doesn’t exist yet, we can create it. However, if what you need is already on this Earth, we’ll dig through the research, find the most cost-efficient supplier, use our expertise to screen that supplier and then make the connection.

Have additional questions about our mining component and equipment manufacturing services? Looking for a timely quote for your next project?

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