CNC Laser Cutting Machines

MCMILLANCO offers top-tier CNC Laser Cutting Machines for both domestic and global manufacturing companies. We are dedicated to helping you find the right machine to deliver the precision and efficiency needed for your company or project. MCMILLANCO leverages its decades of industry experience and our comprehensive network of suppliers to deliver the best CNC Laser Cutting solutions time and time again.
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Our Equipment

(2) 6,000-watt CINCINNATI CL-960, 2M x 4M” dual pallet system (we can cut up to 78” x 156” so a bit larger than just 6’ x 12’).

5,000-watt CINCINNATI CL-850, 2M x 4M dual pallet system

Max. sheet/plate size: 2 meters (78.74”) x 4 meters (157.48”) (6.5 ft x 13 ft)

Max. laser cutting thickness: 1.000” Carbon, .625” Stainless, .500” Aluminum


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