MCMILLANCO is now offering a wide variety of services to be used for our new Preco 1220 machine. This new in-house machine is used widely for the precise lamination of electronics and medical parts, as well as for simpler mass-produced graphical promotions and more — die cutting, also known as kiss cutting. Our Preco 1220 machine creates several types of lamination systems, based on registration tolerance requirement, the need for selecting between in-line or freestanding construction, and the choice of pressure-sensitive or heated adhesive methods. This new die cutting machine will allow us to fulfill a broader selection of customer needs with a decreased turnaround time. This device will further push MCMILLANCO and its partners to the forefront of the manufacturing industry through our kiss cutting services.

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Applications & Materials


Composite cork/ Cork/Rubber Composition/ Closed Cell Sponge Rubber / Cloth Inserted Rubber/ Industrial Felt / Neoprene Rubber / Polyethylene Foam / Polyurethane Foam / PVC Foam / Silicone Rubber / Urethane Sheeting / Vulcanized Fiber


Paper, Cloth & Non-Woven Materials

Corrugated Board / Filter Paper / Non-Woven Polymers / Polyolefin / Paperboard, Cardboard / Woven Polymers / Soft Woven Polyester



Closed Cell Sponge Rubber / Open Cell Sponge Rubber / PE Foam / PS / PU Foam / PVC Foam / Silicone Sponge


Adhesive Laminates

Acrylic Foam Adhesives / Graphic Overlays/Coverlays / Membrane Switch Assemblies / Paper-Face foam Board / Pressure Sensitive Adhesives – PSAs / Transfer Tapes


Soft Metals & Foils

Aluminum / Copper



Silicon Carbide / Aluminum Oxide / 10-4000 grit


Plastic / Polymer Films:

ABS / BOPP / COC / COP / Fluted Polypropylene Sheet / PC / PBT / PE /PEI / PEN / PET / PI / PMMA / PS (High Impact) / PU / PVC / PVDF



Craft Felt / Hook & Loop / Leather / Paper- Faced Foam Board


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